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Our manufacturing approach has been based on ensuring customer satisfaction by responding to customer requirements with quick and within time frame deliveries of high quality products at a competitive price.

We have been steadily improving our quality standards and competitively pricing our products without any compromise on product quality which has been due to our adherence to quality management systems and continual improvement with small innovative steps.

The product quality is a prime consideration with strict inspection prior to dispatch and our products conform to relevant standards and specifications.The manufacturing of machines is done in a systematic and planned manner using components of world class quality.The battery manufacturing process environment, productivity requirement and end product desirable by the customer from the machine are all well understood by us and this enables us to properly design the machine for superior performance and output characteristics.

The machines are supplied along with an Operation & Maintenance manual, both in print as well as electronic format, which specifies the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance procedures in an easy to understand user friendly manner. This manual also gives the fault, cause and remedy so that our customer has all the details for reference in the unlikely event of a fault.

We have our design systems in place with experienced personnel well versed in process control and fully aware of the product performance requirements.

The list of clients using the product and certifying the product capability encompasses a broad spectrum of corporate, OEM’s and discerning individuals.

We do not believe in resting on our laurels and always have an ongoing project for expansion of facilities for a better product or to increase our range of products.

All around us are the consequences of the most significant technological, and hence cultural, revolution in generations. Lawrence Lessig
Quality in manufacturing and automation is our focus, rendering efficient and reliable solutions for our clients. Our commitment to quality comes from the fact that we have world class measuring equipments conforming to international standards and norms.

All the processes from designing a product to developing it are inspected as per ISO norms. We believe in delivering the best quality products surpassing our client’s expectations and meeting the industry standards the company has set for itself.

We are empowered with highly qualified engineering team & trained workforce to manufacture products that guarantee quality. This ensures that there is a lower degree of maintenance in the machine thereby increasing the durability. Additionally, we also take care of customised client requirements, if any.