What exactly does the curing chamber achieve with regard to physical properties of the plate?

The curing chamber ensures proper adhesion of paste to grid surface and cohesiveness of active material thereby strengthening the plate and ensuring long life of the battery.

Explain the curing and drying cycle in brief.

The curing cycle consists of a heat and humidity phase as a initial part of the cycle followed by a drying phase with a subsequent heating phase followed finally by a cooling period. All the different phases can be set by the user. The entire cycle ensures that there is a reduction of free lead to create tribasic or tetrabasic lead sulphate in the battery plates in addition to reduction of moisture in the battery plates.

Are the various controls predefined or are these settable?

It is possible to set time, temperature and humidity during the humidity cycle. It is possible to set the time for the drying cycle. The time and temperature can be set for heating cycle and in the final cooling phase it is possible to define the time. Thus the user has all the controls which need to be programmed prior to start of the cycle.

How is humidity created?

Humidity is created by generating steam and not by vaporizing nozzles. This steam is circulated within the chamber in a scientific uniform manner thereby ensuring consistent quality plates irrespective of the location of the plates in the chamber.

Is the atmosphere inside the chamber fully saturated?

Yes the atmosphere is fully saturated and hence does not introduce shrinkage cracks. Thus the paste pellets are strong with no cracks noticed in the pellets or between the pellets and the grids.

Please describe the chamber construction.

The UNIK curing chamber lives up to its reputation of being a product built to last. All interior panels that come in contact with steam are of stainless steel. The chamber is fully insulated and the cavities are sealed to prevent ingress of water. The insulated doors have sturdy hinges and spring actuated locks. There is no transfer and wastage of heat energy to the external walls of the chamber due to the 75 mm thick rock wool insulation thereby ensuring huge savings of costly power / fuel.

Is it possible to supply gas heated chamber?

Yes UNIK has developed LPG operated curing chamber for use in areas of power shortage or in factories having limited power availability.

Can the set program parameters be changed?

Yes it can be changed by authorized personnel prior to start of the cycle. The program mode is Password protected and hence cannot be changed by unauthorized personnel.

Once the cycle starts it is not possible for even authorized persons to change the Program mode. In case the set parameters need to be changed after the cycle has started it is necessary to abort the cycle by pressing STOP button. In such a case the entire cycle shall need to be RUN from the beginning after changing the Program by authorized personnel who know the Program Password.

Further in order to RUN the Program there is a different password.