Technical SpecificationsFAQ's
Machine Size Control Panel Size
1500 mm L 200 mm L
1100 mm W 300 mm W
300 mm H 400 mm H
Salient Features:


  1. Low on running cost- 2 HP for conveyor belt & 0.75 HP for feeder hopper motor
  2. Ideal for small batches of even 800 to 1000 kgs. oxide pasting
  3. Variable frequency drive to vary belt speed provided in control panel
  4. Low on maintenance cost
  5. Unskilled workmen can be easily trained to operate the machine.
Technical Support:
  1. Trial run can be done by pasting your grids at our works prior to dispatch of the machine.
  2. Trial run can be done by pasting your grids at our works prior to dispatch of the machine.
  3. Necessary guidance on aspects of machine installation shall be imparted and demonstrated at our works free of cost.
  4. Detailed manual shall be sent along with the machine at the time of supply.
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1. What is the expected life of the Pasting Machine Belt?
The Pasting Machine belt if properly cleaned and maintained as per recommendations can be used for 3,00,000 nos. of grids or 5,00,000 nos. of grids depending on your choice of belt i.e. it shall depend on whether you are using the Make A or the Make E belt supplied by us.

2. What is the approx. cost of belt in relation to the plate cost w.r.t pasting operation?
Considering the cost of belt and the output from the belt in terms of belt life the cost works out to 4 paise per pasted plate.

3. In terms of maintenance what is the care to be taken and what are the spares to be maintained.?
It is imperative that the machine is to be kept clean by washing thoroughly after the pasting has been completed i.e. at the end of the shift. As regards spares for maintenance purposes except for a few springs and paste scraper to scrape the paste from the belt and from pasted plate edges there are no spares to be maintained in stock by the user.

4. Is it necessary to maintain any other consumables as spares and if so what is the quantity recommended to be maintained?
We strongly recommend that you maintain at least two pasting belts as spares at your end and also one roll of roller cloth at all times. This shall ensure that you can have an uninterrupted operation at your end without having to resort to last minute courier dispatch from our end.